The next generation of reactive js libraries

Many existing reactive javascript libraries like Knockout and ReactiveCoffee use eager approach to reactivity. This approach has pitfalls like memory leaks, repeated diamond shape problem & observable inconsistent state. Warp9 uses explicit graph model, so it avoids them.

Another feature of Warp9 is that it doesn't separate the UI markup and the UI logic to provide composability & modularization just like React.js.

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When we write code our default method to handle complexity is a divide and conquer approach. It can be functional decomposition or aggregation in OOP. Since the UI in Warp9 is the code we can use the same approach to manage complexity here.


When you break UI into pieces the good question is how to reuse and distribute it. With Warp9 you can use AMD to distribute not only logic, but a view too.


Warp9 avoids the reactivity pitfalls (diamond shape problem, observable inconsistent view) which the other libraries prefer to ignore.