Repeated diamonds shape

Warp9 was designed to avoid common pitfalls related to reactivity, so it is no surprise that it doesn't suffer from repeated diamonds shape problem.

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The target update rate doesn't depend on the diamonds count and is updates only once per each source update.


var diamonds = new warp9.Cell("1");
var result = new warp9.Cell(1);
var dispose, updates;

warp9.render(placeholder, ["div",
        ["label", {"for": "d"}, "Enter number of diamonds:"],
        ["input-text", {"id": "d"}, diamonds],
        ["button", {"!click": function(){
            if (dispose) dispose();
            if (parseInt(diamonds.get())>0) {
                var source = new warp9.Cell();
                var target = repeatDiamondShape(source, parseInt(diamonds.get()));
                updates = 0;
                dispose = target.onSet(function(){
            } else result.unset();
        }}, "Calc updates"]
        return ["span", "Expected one update & got " + result]
    }).coalesce(["span", "Should be an integer above 0"])

function repeatDiamondShape(seed, n) {
    if (n==0) return seed;
    var s1 ={ return seed.get() + 1; });
    var s2 ={ return seed.get() + 1; });
    return repeatDiamondShape({
        return s1.get() + s2.get();
    }), n-1);